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A writing blog. Ask is always open to requests but I can't guarantee anything lengthy. Please check fandom list or ask if I know the fandom beforehand, preferably off anon so I can get back to you.

nervous laughter because i havent logged on or written that sequel drabble yet and right now i logged on only to dump OC drabbles that are beyond half assed so that my head doesnt burst

I’m really sorry OTL I’m going back to school soon so I wanted to enjoy the vacation I did get and work on my drawing skills and catch up on everything I was behind on

I’ll try to get that drabble out as soon as possible

Inspired by this AU/artpiece by Murasakiowl! I’ll probably be doing other bits and drabbles based off their AU, since this is just their first meeting. I hope it’s worthy of the art that inspired it!

Pairings: Chrom/FeMU


Robin turned on her side, ignoring the voice that had stirred her out of sleep. She raised her arm to pull a pillow over her ear but instead felt the rough fabric of her schoolbag beneath her head. She reached around and felt only more rough fabric and…steel?

"Are you okay?"

She sat upright quickly, too quickly to realize that someone had been standing over her and butted her head into his.

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going to the petting zoo on a school field trip

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